A exceptional whitepaper is essential for investors to comprehensively grasp the ins and outs of your project. It is inherent to a successful ICO, ITO or STO. No matter how well organized your foundation is, you require a whitepaper to persuade your audience of the superiority and uniqueness of your project. Other than that, it is a direct reflection of the project’s solidity. To achieve this kind of robustness, you do not just need a proper writer. You need people with knowledge about how to stand out. You need people with know how about token economic models. You need people who understand the complexity of distributed ledger technologies. Moreover, you need people who perceive the entirety of the ecosystem your project encompasses. 

If you decide to approach us for a whitepaper service, this is what you can expect:

  • First we set up a videocall together to discuss your requirements. We design the scope and quality of the project to see if and how we can meet your expectations. 
  • Then we set up a quote for you based on the outline and speed of the project.
  • We set up frequent meetings to discuss and refine the progress.
  • Payments are in bitcoin with a 25% deposit. Alternative incentives are up for discussion.

The following preparations from your side help speed up the process:

  • Definition of your target audience
  • Your goals for the white paper
  • Research in possession
  • Sources for research
  • Examples to compare outline to
  • Strategic plan