Adequately designed token economic dynamics can kickstart a blockchain-based project through a large variety of ways, such as bootstrapping network effects, financially incentivized reputation mechanisms, network growth-based appreciation and a desirable user-network fit.

On the other hand, fallacies such as single purpose payment utility tokens, the problem with token velocity and the principal-agent problem are generally overlooked in the design of a token economic models, leading to an unsustainable value of the token over the long term and effectively ruining the project.

We will help your project leverage the novel concept of cryptographic tokens. Not only will we help you in the design of your token economic model, we will also continuously monitor the performance of the token. After all, we have entered a new paradigm through tokenized business models and requires continuous iterations. We are just starting to discover what is possible through tokenized value!

We can help you with:

  • In-depth research of the industry, potential of tokenization and token parameters

  • Pre-network launch token economic design

  • Post-network launch token monitoring and model iterations

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Token economics is an emerging, and therefore still largely unexplored field. Click here for our research on token economics and discover what your token can do for you…