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For an industry that is all about open source and decentralization, it’s rather counter intuitive that all the support services for blockchain projects are still conducted in the same old siloed and centralized way. We believe this can be done better, much better.

We are about open source knowledge and next gen collaboration with the ultimate goal of creating a formalized human cloud that can assist in bringing the blockchain industry to its next plateau. Modeco is an acronym for Modular Economy Collective. We believe this is a perfectly fitting name, as we are establishing a network of specialists geared for the digital economy.

Modeco is merely the first fruition of a much grander vision and one of many projects DeNetwork has coming down the pipeline. We can’t go into specifics regarding DeNetwork just yet, all we can say for now is that besides the finest blockchain-support services organization, Modeco is our testing grounds for something much bigger. Stay tuned.

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The Modeco Network

Jorn van ZwanenburgFounder, Lead Token Economist, Researcher
Paul SessinkCo-founder, Lead Researcher, Process Analyst
Paul has a background in Technology, Business and Philosophy from the University of Groningen.
This trinity has allowed him to adopt a panopticon view towards the blockchain development sector.
He recently worked for a furniture company, analyzing processes and relations as a system analyst.

In conformance with his academic career, he has been active in the sectors; blockchain, research, marketing, manufacturing and NGO’s.

Sports are a huge part of Paul’s life. Surfing and Calisthenics are among the many sports he practices.
He stresses that balancing physical and mental exercise is key to a productive life.

Nils PaarCo-founder, Lead Marketing, Research
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Larry DudeLead Smart Contract Developer
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MariLead Design
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Hans BabaMaster of Content
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